Dynamic networks shape organisations and markets.

The factors that drive value creation and risk have changed. Success now depends on market, regulatory and organisational networks as much as it does land, labour and capital. Leaders may understand these networks intuitively, but they can seldom quantify and manage them to create value for their organisations or mitigate risk.  When change occurs, leaders and teams have no framework for communication or planning.     

21networks was established to address this gap. 

    We help leaders to identify, understand and manage the critical networks that determine their success or failure.

    We provide an analytical platform and consulting services to map and manage organisational networks of various kinds. We use current organisational data, such as email log files, to create near real-time summaries of the performance of critical organisational networks.  We then work with leaders to complement these data analytics and ensure that insights turn into real business improvement.

    21networks screenshot.png

    Some examples of how we can help leaders include:

    • Understanding key external relationships such as customers and regulators;
    • Optimising supply chains;
    • Managing major programs;
    • Improving how agile teams works together with functions and senior leaders;
    • Successfully executing on mergers, joint-ventures or divestments;
    • Identifying and managing risks; and
    • Identifying and remedying communication blockages and overloaded individuals.